Barbara Larson: Does the Office Have a Future?

Professor Barbara Larson

Professor Barbara Larson

In the wake of lock-down, do you still NEED a traditional office?

After all, millions have apparently stayed productive – despite working from home.

The result?

Many office tenants now see a chance to slash rents by keeping their staff at home – and cutting back on office space.

Needless to say, if tenants DO shrink their offices en masse, there’s a big ‘ol question mark about the value of office buildings.

Not to mention nearby retail and residential.

So how big might the move out of traditional office space be?


Gus Zogolovitch: How to Develop Better Homes

Gus Zogolovitch

Gus Zogolovitch

Do you think volume homebuilders are missing a trick by churning out bland housing stock?

Commercial real estate developer, Gus Zogolovitch does.

And he’s decided to do something about it…

Based in London, Gus is on a mission: to develop better homes.

What does he mean by ‘better’? Better design. Better quality. Better value.

And better for the environment.

But Gus does more than build homes.


21 office building trends being driven by the creative class

Do you own an office building?

Or provide services to someone who does?

If so, you’ll know that technology is RADICALLY changing the way we use the office.

But how well do you understand what’s driving these shifts?

Or the specific ways buildings must change if they’re to remain relevant?

If you’re a struggling to keep up with this stuff, here’s what you need to know…