Placewise CEO Peter Tonstad on How to Grow Mall Footfall and Spend

You don’t need me to point out that many shopping malls are in crisis.

But did you know that one of the sector’s big underlying problems is this:

Mall owners typically know little about the individuals who shop with them.

Or what will trigger a specific person to visit the mall more often (and spend more when they do).

The result?

Many mall owners have few ways to (measurably) boost footfall and sales.

That makes it hard to know – in fine detail – which of their marketing ideas work.

And which don’t.

At the same time, mall owners often lack a direct communication channel to their shoppers (other than using media within the mall itself).

That means owners often have to spend money on advertising each time they want to drive people back to the mall.

As you can see, all this limits the mall owner’s ability to control whether their mall thrives.

Or dies.

Enter Placewise, a retail real estate proptech business who’s systems are used in over 1,000 shopping centres around the world.

In fact, Placewise is the world’s largest provider of software designed with just one goal in mind:

To allow mall owners to measurably boost footfall and shopper spend.

In today’s conversation, Placewise boss, Peter Tonstad, walks you through how his product works.

And why it might just save the mall.

Listen now and you’ll learn:

  • How to get shoppers to hand over their personal details.
  • How to send personalised offers to them instantly (without having to spend money on advertising).
  • Which retail offers get people spending (and which don’t).
  • How to convince retailers to provide compelling offers.
  • How to track results.
  • How to compare your results with your peers.
  • And MUCH more…

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