Petri Ylivuori: Newil & Bau is a consumer product business (not just an ‘apartment developer’)

Based in Helsinki, Newil & Bau has built a cult-like following amongst the city’s smart set.

That’s thanks to their track record of developing elegant (and superbly crafted) apartments.

And the fact that their buildings are of architectural significance.

For example, they’re currently renovating an historic building designed by Alvar Aalto.

And constructing a new apartment building by acclaimed American architect, Steven Holl.

Given the business’ success, it’s perhaps surprising to learn they don’t regard themselves as property developers…

Instead, Newil & Bau founder, Petri Ylivuori, says they’re a consumer product business.


Because they don’t simply build apartments.

Rather, the business also delivers a range of services designed to make their customers’ lives better:

For example, by helping the buyer access a cheaper loan to finance their purchase…

…then helping them to sell their old home.

What does this emphasis on design thinking, high execution standards and services mean?

Put simply, Newil & Bau looks more like an Apple than a property developer.

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