Penny Norton: Promoting Property with Public Relations

Could you boost your commercial property returns by doing a better job of communicating with stakeholders?

For example, planners, potential tenants and potential buyers.

If so, tune into my interview with public relations expert, Penny Norton.

Penny is the editor of a new book called ‘Promoting Property’.

The book explains what PR is.

And how it can be used to extract more value from commercial real estate (and other property-related activities).

For example, there are whole chapters on mixed-use developments, student housing, office and retail.

Listen to our conversation now and you’ll learn…

  • Which parts of the property world are using PR.
  • How property PR has developed a wide range of specialisms.
  • The relative benefits of hiring specialists and generalists.
  • And MUCH MUCH more.

Listen now on the player below…