Dan Innes: Commercial Real Estate Marketing That Works

Does your commercial real estate marketing get results?

If not, you’ll LOVE today’s show…

Joining me is CRE marketing communications expert, Dan Innes.

Dan is the founder of Innesco, a commercial real estate marketing communications agency based in London.

He says if you’re hunting for serious ROI, you must first nail down your marketing objectives.

Next, you need to wrap your head around the four media types you can use to hit those objectives.

Only then can you create a winning strategy.

And a program to implement it.

In today’s conversation, Dan walks you through each of the media types.

And gives you an INSIDER’S view on how to use them.

In other words, if you spend money on marketing, this is UNMISSABLE stuff.

Listen now and you’ll discover…

  • What the four media types are.
  • Where they can help you (and where they can’t).
  • How you can get the four media types working in lock-step.
  • How to measure results.
  • And MUCH more.

Tune in here…

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