Gus Zogolovitch: How to Develop Better Homes

Gus Zogolovitch

Gus Zogolovitch

Do you think volume homebuilders are missing a trick by churning out bland housing stock?

Commercial real estate developer, Gus Zogolovitch does.

And he’s decided to do something about it…

Based in London, Gus is on a mission: to develop better homes.

What does he mean by ‘better’?

Better design. Better quality. Better value.

And better for the environment.

But Gus does more than build homes…

He’s created a vertically integrated operation that offers peer-to-peer financing for people who want to build innovative houses and apartments.

And an estate agency to sell them.

Needless to say, creating these businesses has NOT been easy.

In fact, as you’ll discover when you listen to my conversation with him, Gus has faced one battle after another.

Listen now and you’ll discover:

  • What led him into the better homes niche.
  • Why he thinks property development is about more than just money.
  • How he has overcome typical development headaches.
  • Why he thinks the traditional real estate agency model is broken.
  • How to build a vertically integrated property operation.
  • And MUCH more.

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