Sascha Lewin: How to Add Value to Commercial Properties

Want to know how to boost your return on commercial buildings?

If so, don’t miss my interview with London commercial property developer, Sascha Lewin.

Sascha is the founder of W Real Estate.

And he’s now emerging as a significant player in London’s mixed use development scene.

In today’s conversation, Sascha reveals how he finds and funds his properties.

And how he develops and tenants them.

Listen in and you’ll discover…

  • Why he likes developing commercial real estate.
  • How he built his CRE knowledge.
  • Why he’s focused on London.
  • How he sources investors.
  • How he finds development sites.
  • How he develops his sites.
  • What he does with his completed sites.
  • What role office working will play in the future.
  • And MUCH more…

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