Scott Metzner: How to become a New York City Real Estate Developer

Scott Metzner

Scott Metzner

Are you interested in the SPECIFIC ways a successful New York property developer built his business?

If so, you cannot afford to miss this interview…

Starting from scratch, Scott Metzner has spent the past thirty years building a substantial property development business in Manhattan.

Beginning with a single walk-up, Janus Property now develops and reinvigorates entire city blocks.

And right now, Scott is in the middle of his largest project yet.


Doug Stephens: The Future of Retail Stores

Doug Stephens

Doug Stephens

Is the physical store still relevant in an age of online shopping and remote working?

According to today’s guest, the answer is an emphatic yes.

Doug Stephens is a retail futurist who, as CEO of Retail Prophet, advises the leadership of global brands on what’s next for retail.

His client list includes Walmart, IKEA, Disney, LVMH and Microsoft.

He’s also the author of the best selling books ‘The Retail Revival’ and ‘Re-Engineering Retail’.

In a nutshell, Doug’s view is that the future is bleak for physical stores selling mundane items that are easier (and cheaper) to buy online.

But when it comes to high-interest products, he thinks consumers are hungry for physical stores.

Especially ones that brim with imaginative experiences.


Andrea Rasca: Why Mercato Metropolitano is the Future of Food Retail

Andrea Rasca

Andrea Rasca

Are you wondering what’s next for out-of-home dining?

And food retail in general?

If so, you MUST listen to this conversation with Andrea Rasca.

He’s the man behind London’s WILDLY popular eatery, Mercato Metropolitano.

A food entrepreneur for 30 years, Andrea is now shaking up how the sector works.

That means changing what we eat.

And how food is produced, distributed and sold.

Put simply, the former Eataly executive is on a mission: to change everything to do with food.


Dan Innes: Commercial Real Estate Marketing That Works

Dan Innes

Dan Innes

Does your commercial real estate marketing get results?

If not, you’ll LOVE today’s show…

Joining me is CRE marketing communications expert, Dan Innes.

Dan is the founder of Innesco, a commercial real estate marketing communications agency based in London.

He says if you’re hunting for serious ROI, you must first nail down your marketing objectives.


Barbara Larson: Does the Office Have a Future?

Professor Barbara Larson

Professor Barbara Larson

In the wake of lock-down, do you still NEED a traditional office?

After all, millions have apparently stayed productive – despite working from home.

The result?

Many office tenants now see a chance to slash rents by keeping their staff at home – and cutting back on office space.

Needless to say, if tenants DO shrink their offices en masse, there’s a big ‘ol question mark about the value of office buildings.

Not to mention nearby retail and residential.

So how big might the move out of traditional office space be?