Nick Johnson: Why My Food Markets Matter

Can food markets revitalise tired towns and cities?

And help them regain a sense of place?

According to food market developer, Nick Johnson, the answer is yes.

An enthusiast of independent food retail, Nick is the founder of Market Operations.

Carl Turner: How to Develop ‘Meanwhile Spaces’

How do you breathe life into an empty site while it awaits re-development?

Ask Carl Turner.

He’s the founder of celebrated architecture practice, Turner Works.

He’s also a developer and operator of commercial real estate.

Leopold Weinberg: We Are Content’s co-founder on how to be a commercial property developer. And hospitality operator.

Can operating your own hotels, bars and restaurants boost the value of your commercial property portfolio?

To find out, take a look at design-led property developer, We Are Content.

We Are Content owns commercial buildings in the heart of Zurich and Basel.

These include apartments, mixed-use buildings and hotels.

Michael McCormack: Milieu Property’s co-founder on building design-led apartments

If you’re interested in how good design can bring joy to apartment living, you need to meet Michael McCormack.

He’s co-founder of Melbourne real estate developer, Milieu Property.

Started ten years ago, the business has developed a reputation for crafting beautifully conceived apartments.

And a cult-like following amongst the creatives who typically own (and occupy) them.

Not surprisingly, Milieu’s engaging buildings have also won a string of important architecture and design awards.

Property development aside, Milieu has also joined Melbourne’s buzzy hospitality scene by opening a collection of celebrated restaurants, cafes and bars.

Loh Lik Peng: How to Develop Restaurants and Hotels People Love

Want to know how to build a network of Michelin-starred restaurants?

Or a collection of celebrated hotels?

If so, the man to ask is Loh Lik Peng.

Peng is the restaurateur, hotelier and property developer behind a slew of iconic restaurants and hotels across Europe and Asia.

Most of these form a part of his umbrella organisation, Unlisted Collection.