Michael McCormack: Milieu Property’s co-founder on building design-led apartments

Michael McCormack

Michael McCormack

If you’re interested in how good design can bring joy to apartment living, you need to meet Michael McCormack.

He’s co-founder of Melbourne real estate developer, Milieu Property.

Started ten years ago, the business has developed a reputation for crafting beautifully conceived apartments.

And a cult-like following amongst the creatives who typically own (and occupy) them.

Not surprisingly, Milieu’s engaging buildings have also won a string of important architecture and design awards.

Property development aside, Milieu has also joined Melbourne’s buzzy hospitality scene by opening a collection of celebrated restaurants, cafes and bars.


Loh Lik Peng: How to Develop Restaurants and Hotels People Love

Loh Lik Peng

Loh Lik Peng

Want to know how to build a network of Michelin-starred restaurants?

Or a collection of celebrated hotels?

If so, the man to ask is Loh Lik Peng.

Peng is the restaurateur, hotelier and property developer behind a slew of iconic restaurants and hotels across Europe and Asia.

Most of these form a part of his umbrella organisation, Unlisted Collection.


Placewise CEO Peter Tonstad on How to Grow Mall Footfall and Spend

Peter Tonstad

Peter Tonstad

You don’t need me to point out that many shopping malls are in crisis.

But did you know that one of the sector’s big underlying problems is this:

Mall owners typically know little about the individuals who shop with them.

Or what will trigger a specific person to visit the mall more often (and spend more when they do).

The result?

Many mall owners have few ways to (measurably) boost footfall and sales.